Bandhavgarh National Park: New 09 cubs in different area of the park.

Tigress and Cubs

Bandhavgarh National park, once known for highest tiger density is in news again. Three of the tigress had been sighted with new 09 cubs! .  Each tigress has delivered 03 cubs.

One of the female tigress belongs to Pittor core area of the Bandhavgarh National park. These cubs were first spotted in first week of June 06 as per the sources by patrolling team. The team was able to take pictures of 03 cubs. The new cubs are seen healthy. They are active too. Their mother is also taking good care as confirmed by Bandhavgarh National park authorities. However, the sex of cubs has not been identified yet. The department is taking all necessary steps to ensure the survival of the cubs. Regularly patrolling & doctors team is there to keep strict eye on them.0

Beside this Pittor core area, 03-03 cubs were also sighted in Tala (core area) & Ghamokhar ( buffer area) of the park. But the team was unable to capture them in their camera. So if we count total numbers then it becomes 09 new cubs in the park.

With this news Bandhavgarh National park can retain it glory again. It has been amongst Top National Parks for tigers sightings & other wildlife stuff like Corbett, Ranthambhore , Tadoba & Kanha. In last few years it has been struggling from sightings point of view. This was due to loss of some tigers by natural process & territorial conflicts.

The park is closed now for core areas now but if everything goes well with these cubs then Bandhavgarh will be the main attraction for tourists in coming days.

Let us pray to God to bless these new cubs !