In last few years safari systems in various national parks of India went under up-gradation. Now mostly tourists attracting parks are managed by online booking system. Before this they were managed manually & lots of complaints were faced.

In Ranthambore, now a days current quota is working for last moment tourists. Now number of vehicles in each zone & in each shift has been fixed. Even Full day & Half day ( premium safaris) have become online.

What is Current quota?

This current quota is meant for tourists who come on last moment. The department has tried to serve these guests as well. As now total number of vehicles allowed in Ranthambhore in one shift is 140. This includes normal jeep safaris, normal canter safaris, Full day & half day jeep & Tatkal jeeps & canters ( Instant quota ).

The detailed inventry can be checked at fmdss.inverty site. Normally there are 05 jeeps & 05 canters in a zone. Out of these 03 jeeps & 03 canters are put in Advance quota ( opens 09 months prior to visit). The remaing 02 jeeps and 02 canters are kept for Current quota. The advance quota closes 02 days prior to the visit date .

The Current quota opens every day at 10:00 am for the same day afternoon safari & next day morning safari. So for example on 25 DEC at 10:00 am the current quota will open for 25 DEC afternoon safari ( 02:00 pm to 05:30 pm) & for 26 DEC morning safari ( 07:00 am to 10:30 am).

Normally there are 02 jeeps in each zone for current quota. The booking process is very fast & higly professional agents can do this.

The pricing of current quota & advance quota is same . However , service charge of current quota can be higher then advance quota due to less number of jeeps.

To enjoy the safaris, advance planning is highly recommended.