Incredible India is a huge country. Different people, different languages & different cultures are living in this country. On every 50 kms the language changes and same is case with the culture. The greatness of this country is it’s diversity. Thus, called incredible India!

North India

For tourism, North India means Delhi – Rajasthan sector. Here forts & palaces are more in numbers, huge & grand. Rajasthan is divided into 5 or 6 parts on basis of culture & languages. Sometimes called colourful rajasthan because people here wear very colourful dresses. TAJ Mahal i.e. Agra is also part of this in this sector. Ranthambore & Sariska are two main wild life parks famous for Tigers in this sector. The most famous itinerary of this area is Golden Triangle Tour i.e Delhi Jaipur Agra.

Central India

The Central India mainly consist of Madhya (central) Pradesh (state). This place is rich in Wildlife & culture sites. Bandhavgarh, Kahna, Panna & Pench are important national parks in this sector. Culture sites are Ujjain, Bhopal & Mandu.

South India

In south three states are good in tourism. They are Karnataka, Kerala & Tamil Nadu. Out of these Kerala is on top in demand. In south temples area huge & Grand. Here forts & places come on second tier of importance. Periyar, Nagarhole & Bandipur are important national parks of this sector.

North East India

In North East part consist of West Bengal, Sikkim & seven sisters states of India i.e, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura, Mizorum, Manipur & Nagaland. It is said that biodiversity is maximum in this region then rest of India. Kaziranga & Manas are important wild life parks in this region.

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