Bharatpur to Chambal Safari Tour

-Take a one-day tour from Bharatpur to explore the wildlife along the Chambal River. -Join us for an exciting safari experience with knowledgeable guides.

Bharatpur to Chambal Safari Tour

Duration: One Day
Destination: Chambal

Taking a Chambal Safari tour from Bharatpur allows you to experience the natural beauty and wildlife of the Chambal River

Tour Highlights

  • Departure from Bharatpur to Chambal River early in the morning.
  • Visit the Chambal River and take a boat ride
  • Along the river, you can enjoy scenic beauty and wildlife
  • Let’s take a break and enjoy lunch together
  • After lunch, drive back to Bharatpur

Detailed Itinerary

Embark on an unforgettable one-day tour from Bharatpur to Chambal River safari. Enjoy a thrilling guided boat safari on the Chambal River, spotting alligators, crocodiles, dolphins, and diverse bird species. Indulge in a delicious lunch and explore nearby attractions. Plan in advance for a seamless adventure and make lasting memories in the natural beauty of the Chambal River.

Depart from Bharatpur:

  • Start your day early and depart from Bharatpur towards the Chambal River.

  • The journey to the Chambal River takes approximately 2-3 hours, depending on the route and traffic conditions.

Chambal River Safari:

  • Arrive at the Chambal River and embark on an exciting river safari.

  • Join a guided boat tour that typically lasts for a few hours, allowing you to explore the stunning landscapes and wildlife of the Chambal River.

  • Keep your eyes open for sightings of alligators, crocodiles, dolphins, and various species of birds.


After the safari, take a break for lunch at a local restaurant or picnic spot near the Chambal River.
Enjoy a delicious meal while soaking in the natural surroundings.

Explore Nearby Attractions (Optional):

  • If time permits and you want to further explore the area, consider visiting nearby attractions such as Dholpur Palace, Nihal Tower, or Machkund Temple.

  • These attractions offer insights into the history and culture of the region.

Return to Bharatpur:

  • After a fulfilling day of safari and exploration, start your journey back to Bharatpur.

  • Enjoy the scenic drive back and reach Bharatpur by evening.

Note: It's recommended to plan your Chambal River safari in advance, make necessary reservations, and ensure you have a knowledgeable guide to enhance your experience. Additionally, check the availability and timings of the safari and any specific guidelines to follow before your visit.


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