Madhya Pradesh has 9 National Parks and 25 Sanctuaries spread over an area of 10,862 square km constituting 11.40% of the total forest area and 3.52% of the geographical area of the state. At present, the state has 5 Project Tiger areas in the state namely – Kanha, Panna, Bandhavgarh, Pench and Satpura. It is also known as the ‘Tiger State’ as it occupies around 19% of India’s Tiger Population and 10% of the world’s tiger population. Some famous wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in Madhya Pradesh are as follows:

Bandhavgarh National Park

One of the famous tiger reserve attracting many tourists. This is the place where highest tiger density has been reported. World’s first white tiger was found by Maharaja of Rewa.

Sambhar deers, leopards & wild boars are abundant in numbers. About 22 species of mammals & 250 species of birds are found here. Location  190 kms from Jabalpur & 240 kms from Khajuraho.

Kanha National Park

This park is proud of Madhya Pradesh.  This place has been nicely portrayed in Kipling’s Jungle book. Sal forests, grassland & streams make this place ideal place for tigers. Animal founds are Leopards, Gaur, Barking deer, Black buck, the rare hard ground Barasingha and 200 species of birds. Location 165kms from Jabalpur.

Panna National Park

Dominated by Ken river, alternating valleys and plateaus, grasslands, gorges and escarpments, Panna National Park is ideal Tiger country. Boat ride for crocodiles is interesting beside jeep safari. Location 35 kms from Khajuraho.

Pench National Park

This park is famous for highest density of Herbivores in India. Large herds of gaur, nilgai & wild boars can easily be seen here. Tiger, leopard, barking deer and chinkara are also found here. 285 species of birds are found here. Location 110 kms from Nagpur & 200 kms from Jabalpur.

Satpura Tiger Reserve

Beside tigers and other mammals it is the only place in Central India which allows guests to explore tiger country on foot. Various kind of activities are possible like jeep safari, canoeing, elephant and motorboat safari.


Lovely hill resort, grilled by Satpuras hill ranges is now a Biosphere Reserve.  This has thick forest of bamboo, jamun and sal trees. The big waterfalls make the place more beautiful. The caves shelters of Mahadeo hills present astonishing rock paintings. Most of them are back to 500 to 800 ad. Jamuna Prapat (bee falls) and Rajat prapat ( big falls) are important. Other sites to see are Priyadarshini point, Handi khoh, Apsara vihar, Irene pool, Jalawataran, Sunder kund, Mahadeo, Chhota Mahadeo, Chauragarh, Jata Shankar, Dhoopgarh, Pandav Caves, Piccadily circus, Vanshree vihar, Reechhgarh, Sangam, Catholic Church, Christ Church, Satpura National Park, Bison Lodge and the Caves Shelters.

Marble Rocks

Stunning spot!. The marble rocks at Bedaghat rise to 100 feet on either side of Narmada as it flow through narrow gorge.  Don’t miss moonlight boat ride. Other places are Dhuandhar falls & Chausath yogini temple.


This place was once hunting grounds of Mughal Emperors. Later Scindias rulers used it like summer resort capital. Interesting places are Mahdav National park, Scindias Chhatris, Madhav Vilas Palace, Georges castle, Bhadaiya kund & Sakhya Sagar Boat Club. Location 112 kms from Gwalior.